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We shape winning Talent Experiences and Cultures through breakthrough strategy, design & creativity.

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Industry Experience


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than Average Competitor

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You can’t become a great company without being able
to hire and keep GREAT PEOPLE first.

The best candidates have choices. Lots of them. Why would they choose your company’s offer over the 4+ competitor offers they have in hand?

The best employees have great opportunities. Constantly. Why would your top performers ignore a call from the recruiter who’s been blowing them up on LinkedIn for weeks? Or would they be inclined to see if there is greener grass elsewhere? 

The best companies listen, engage and motivate the people that are the life force behind their profits and growth. Not the other way around. Is every single leader in your organization aligned on your employer value proposition and using it to retain top performers and create organizational value each and every day? Or does that feel like a rhetorical question?  (It’s not.)

Human-First, Business-Driven: Key Attributes of Our Approach


Others have great PowerPoints. We ensure great results.
Truist is obsessively focused on applying our proprietary methodology and capabilities to measurably meet and exceed your business & talent goals in key areas of opportunity or crisis. Yep, a warm-hearted approach to generating hard bottom line results!


Our proprietary Co-creation and Technology-backed approach enables client delivery at 5-10x speeds of the average competitor in our space. In today's world, time is money and faster (without sacrificing quality) is always better!


We've been on all sides of the partner relationship and understand that every company has unique internal dynamics and rapidly evolving external landscapes. But our end goal never changes. We meet each client where they are and embrace the journey it will take to get there. No excuses!

what’s your people deal?

Truist is for forward thinking leaders who KNOW that employees are now their most valuable stakeholders... and want to accelerate company growth with that belief.

Truist’s is an award-winning Talent Brand, Experience & Marketing Agency with proprietary methodologies known to drastically improve talent attraction, engagement and retention capabilities for some of the world's best companies. Our Talent Magnet System approach allows you to confidently and sustainably improve attraction, engagement and retention of A+ talent to fuel business growth. Based on learnings from over two decades, our unique approach and expert-led services give you the frameworks, strategies, deliverables and connections that will make you the indisputable employer of choice amongst the top talent you seek to hire, motivate and keep.

For those who share our Win-Win Work philosophy, we align your people strategy + employer brand foundations with your business strategy and corporate brand roadmap, to unlock full growth potential. If you’re one of those human-focused pioneers, read on.

Become a Talent Attraction & Retention Magnet in <100 days.

We start with insights and end with a polished employer brand identity and in-market ecosystem that is directly moving the needle on your priority talent KPIs. This proven system will transform inefficient outbound recruiting efforts into an inbound pool of quality candidates that are excited to join your company without requiring a top dollar offer. (And also re-recruit your employees before they think of heading elsewhere.) Did we mention we can do it all in three months or less if you’re ready for us?

Experiencing a Talent Crisis? We’re your SWAT team!

Whether you’re experiencing an employer reputation crisis, a tidal wave of resignations, losing top candidates to competitor companies, or other people-related crises– a customized application of our capabilities to your S.o.S. talent issue will help you resolve it at a root-cause level quickly. Once we’ve diagnosed and fixed the issue, we will implement a system that ensures you won’t ever have to repeat that painful history again.

[Always-On] Talent Magnet System Optimization

In today’s war for talent, the phrase “if you’re not evolving, you’re dying” has never been truer. Don’t let the ability (or inability) to consistently attract, win and retain great talent keep you up at night. For an affordable annual fee, we cover the basics (and MORE!) for you. After all, you can only be anxious about something if you don't trust your ability to effectively manage it.

Expert Speaker Series & Executive Workshops

Do you want to shift leadership mindsets on the topic of talent and their role in cultivating successful employer relationships?

Do you need to enlighten your executive team on what key talent audiences really want from their ideal employer today and then swiftly use that information to enact rapid transformation?

Or, maybe you’ve got something similar in mind? You’ve come to the right place.

From 1-hour learning sessions to multi-day workshops, we’ll agree on an objective and then design + execute an agenda that meets or beats it. Guaranteed.

The antidote for "Worry" is a system that works

Our own A+ team of happy customers.

We are in the business of people & we walk our talk. Following our 4 Core Values has led to some impressive results. But don't just take our word for it…

“The Truist team is a breath of fresh air– they are a true extension of our team. They implemented a cutting edge solution for our specific company challenges that has given us a distinct competitive advantage.”



“The approach used by Truist was simple and strategic. They challenged us to think differently. And as a result, we challenged each other. We now have a clear and inspiring message & strategy to guide our employees as they bring our new brand to life.”



“We were able to develop a spot-on set of new Values for our fast growing organization with buy-in from the C-suite in less than 10 days thanks to the facilitated workshop series by Truist. I didn’t even know that was possible before I met the team!”



“Truist is a strong thought partner and expert at their craft who helped us advance our thinking and approach to our employer branding. Throughout the whole engagement we experienced highly professional, polished, quality content and guidance.”



“Working with Lisa and her team is an excellent investment in the future of your organization. They genuinely care about understanding your needs and seamlessly infuse best practices that reflect your company's purpose and culture.”



“Lisa and her team brought the credibility that we needed to reinforce the TA agenda in this hyper-competitive market. Specifically, they helped our leadership understand the urgency of the labor market and what needed to be done in order to compete and attract. This translated into high level support and funding-- allowing us to respond quickly and differentiate ourselves in the market.”



“Truist has helped our team create amazing results in a short period of time!”



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