Become a Magnet for Top Talent in <100 Days!

Becoming a Talent Magnet means that you can predictably and sustainably attract, recruit, engage AND retain high performing employees from even the most competitive talent segments. Truist's A+ Talent Magnet Systemwill help you get there at an accelerated pace. We work with you from from the initial Build to ongoing Optimization to make sure your initial investment crushes short-term KPI targets, while generating long-term ROI for your organization.

A Winning Talent Attraction, Engagement & Retention System Can Help you do More with Less! (Yes, REALLY!)

What are your Talent goals or KPIs? 
If they are in any way related to attracting, recruiting, engaging or retaining exceptional talent, then our A+ Talent Magnet System can be applied to positively influence every single one of them. Whether you're focused on shifting recruiting efforts from an outbound slog to an inbound jackpot of A+ talent, drastically improving employee engagement levels or mitigating costly attrition, our proven methodology and expertise will relieve anxiety and keep you on an accelerated path to balancing employee performance & care.

Statistically speaking, investing in this work now is likely to...
...decrease your cost per hire by 43%
...improve employee retention by 60%
...increase stock price by 36%
...and more!

Don't wait until the market heats up again to start building your superability to attract, convert, engage and retain the limited supply of A+ talent available!

Key Attributes of our Approach

Built, Deployed & Optimized WITH You

We promise not to leave you on an island! (sigh)
We're with you every step of the way, from research to deployment and ongoing change management. The work we do in the "Build" phase will scale and adapt along with the growing needs of your business and our partnership. Guaranteed.

Premium Quality, Rapid Delivery

We realize time = $$, so we've built a highly efficient process that will bring you from 0 to 1.0 before next quarter's results are due. Our veteran team and proprietary co-creation methodologies guarantee better outcomes are delivered at an accelerated pace with greater stakeholder buy-in.


Nothing is worse than thinking you've paid for a project and then getting the unexpected "out of pocket cost" invoice or having to get an additional supplier approved by Procurement. Our bundled offering includes all elements you'll need to build out a world-class employer brand platform (imagery, expenses...) all at once.

what’s your people deal?

Trusted by the world's most trusted brands

6 Easy Steps to Winning, Motivating & Retaining A+ Talent
(+ 2 options to continuously improve...)

Talent & Competitor Insights

An honest "mirror moment" to understand how you stack up against your competitors, what's unique about your culture, what your people truly need to join and stay, and how to confidently close any gaps.

People Deal TM

Our version of a holistic, human-centered Employer Value Proposition (EVP) that uniquely defines your employer offering, aligns leaders & teams to a single direction, and inspires talent.

Employer Brand Creative Identity & Style Guide

We design a distinctive visual expression of your EVP, including a core campaign concept, culture imagery & instructions for consistently applying it across all touch points in the talent lifecycle.

Activation Strategy (Internal + External)

We collaboratively build an internal & external roadmap for how to put what's been built in the first 3 steps into action towards defined talent & brand KPIs, greater HR team efficiency and improved organizational performance.

Talent Experience Blueprint & Training

We produce a Talent Experience (Tx) model that mirrors the way your organization manages customer experience (Cx) for maximum familiarity and buy-in. Then we break it down into plug 'n play templates by role for TA, Corp Comms, other HR functions, and Leaders to ensure 360 deployment.

Future-Proof Connections

After the foundations are in place, the continued maintenance & improvement of your Talent Magnet System relative to evolving business goals is heavily dependent on the systems behind it and the people managing it. We'll connect you to key resources in our network to ensure ongoing success, regardless of whether or not you use Truist for optimization.

Always-On Optimization

Proactive audit alerts, on-demand consulting with industry experts and the creative dream team you need to optimize talent attraction, engagement and retention results while reducing organizational risk.
(Basically, peace of mind.)

S.o.S Talent Solutions

Got a people problem? Let our SWAT team get to the root cause of it, deploy targeted, rapid relief and ensure it never happens again!

Our own A+ group of
happy customers.

We are in the business of people & we walk our talk. Following our 4 Core Values has led to some impressive results. Don't just take our word for it…

“The Truist team is a breath of fresh air– they are a true extension of our team. They implemented a cutting edge solution for our specific company challenges that has given us a distinct competitive advantage.”



“The approach used by Truist was simple and strategic. They challenged us to think differently. And as a result, we challenged each other. We now have a clear and inspiring message & strategy to guide our employees as they bring our new brand to life.”



“We were able to develop a spot-on set of new Values for our fast growing organization with buy-in from the C-suite in less than 10 days thanks to the facilitated workshop series by Truist. I didn’t even know that was possible before I met the team!”



“Truist is a strong thought partner and expert at their craft who helped us advance our thinking and approach to our employer branding. Throughout the whole engagement we experienced highly professional, polished, quality content and guidance.”



“Working with Lisa and her team is an excellent investment in the future of your organization. They genuinely care about understanding your needs and seamlessly infuse best practices that reflect your company's purpose and culture.”



“Lisa and her team brought the credibility that we needed to reinforce the TA agenda in this hyper-competitive market. Specifically, they helped our leadership understand the urgency of the labor market and what needed to be done in order to compete and attract. This translated into high level support and funding-- allowing us to respond quickly and differentiate ourselves in the market.”



“Truist has helped our team create amazing results in a short period of time!”



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