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5 hard truths of employer branding (and how to create unique advantage as you respond)

We've peeled back the layers on what’s REALLY holding companies and leaders back from realizing their talent attraction and engagement goals efficiently, sustainably and affordably. We call these the “5 Hard Truths”.

These are presented without the sugarcoated, ambiguous language, and then addressed with optimism and creativity to turn historical points of conflict into distinctive future strengths. Time to leap forward and never slip back!

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How to build a winning employer brand capability from ground zero

So, you’ve read all the whitepapers and attended a bunch of conferences that have told you employer brand and recruitment marketing activities should be part of your overall approach to talent acquisition and talent management. Now what? Overwhelm.

We’ve been there, and now it’s our time to give back...

Within 2 hours you'll gain practical tips, strategy models and templates from which to confidently define a strategy, launch an efficient operating model and win stakeholder buy-in. All teachings and resources are based on our industry-leading Talent Brand & Marketing Ecosystem framework.

Time to stop doing "research' and start taking effective action!

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Lead with love

The numbers are clear... LOVE IS POWERFUL! Not just in life, but also in the workplace. Today’s generation of talent demands more human treatment from their employer, more acceptance from their peers and more compassion from their leaders. Organizations who can’t deliver on those wants will lose. How will YOU respond?

This first of its kind, 1/2 day interactive workshop:

  • Breaks down commonly held beliefs about the separation of self in the workplace.
  • Provides proven frameworks to help leaders lead with more compassion and multi-generational impact.
  • Immediately transforms the way attendees relate to one another and work together.
  • Offers a roadmap to achieve higher levels of employee productivity, talent brand strength and financial profitability through love-based business imperatives.
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Custom workshop

Do you have an objective for a team meeting, learning program or event but aren’t sure how to achieve it? Let’s talk!

We love creating original, inspiring content and experiences when it comes to helping companies and people thrive. We are also trained in facilitation to magically transform divergent ideas into winning solutions that all contributors feel good about.

So, tell us your vision and we’ll tell you whether or not we can make it happen…

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