An Accelerated Path to Impact on People matters [that matter].

From confusion to alignment. From uncertain to confident. From just an idea to a measurable impact. These are the journeys we take your team on at an unrivaled 10-20x pace through our expert Speakers and Co-Creation Workshop facilitators.

Leader Co-Creation Workshops
(Virtual or In-Person)

Truist's proprietary Co-Creation method helps you reach your goals nearly 20x faster than following your traditional internal processes!

Whether your goal is to redefine your company's Mission/Vision/Values, better align your people strategy with your product roadmap or get more shared ownership of an important talent initiative, Truist's veteran facilitators are skilled at getting to a winning solution that has shared buy-in behind it quickly.  

Leveraging a combination of virtual and in-person formats, we design the perfect collaboration session (or series) together with you including pre-workshop preparation, live workshop facilitation and post-workshop refinements.

Benefits of a Truist Session

Tailored to YOUR Organization

We adapt outside-in research & knowledge to the specific needs of your business, nuances of your team dynamics and engagement preferences to meet specific goals that YOU define.

20x Faster Progress to Goal

We leverage proprietary Co-Creation techniques and proven methodologies that allow you to leap frog iterative progress and get to a present-time solution at unrivaled speed.

100% Alignment

We excavate and resolve hidden arguments, controversial opinions and/or pockets of resistance in real-time to ensure that what's agreed during the session takes flight into your workplace.

When you know better, you do better.

Knowledge (and action) = power!

Truist Speaker Series & Masterclasses

Unlocking 10x Growth With a Win-Win Work Strategy

The 2020 pandemic, social and political changes in our society and the explosion of AI technologies have changed the way work gets done forever and introduced even more tension in the employer : worker relationship. Employers are fed up with bottom-up demands and workers are done with burnout, power struggles and seemingly arbitrary reductions.

How can leaders lead in a way that is equally good for People and the Business? This is the question we answer in this engaging, highly interactive session.

By the end of this session, your leadership team will gain practical tips, strategy models and templates from which to create a Win-Win Work™ strategy that attracts & keeps A+ talent in key skill areas and aligns development of those people with company growth plans for greater mutual success.

Compassionate Leadership Masterclass

The data is in... 79% of workers consider bad leadership as a major factor in their decision to leave an organization. And the definition of "bad" is determined by the worker, NOT how Harvard Business Review defines it.

During this session, a Truist expert will unlock our vault of worker insights to clarify exactly WHAT it is today's top employees want and need from their leaders and take participants on a journey to adapt their leadership style to those needs in a way that is both authentic and effective.

The result? Higher retention rates, better engagement scores and more confidence to lead with compassion toward performance.

Maximum 10 participants per class.

Custom External Speaker Session

Do you have a Talent challenge that is baffling your leadership team or wreaking havoc in your organization? 
Truist may be able to help!

Click the "Start Planning" button below to send us a message about your specific challenge or topic of interest for an external speaker to support.

A member of our team will then review your request and see if it's something we can deliver against well. (If not, we may be able to refer someone in our network who can.)

We hope to WOW you soon!

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