Launch or Accelerate your TALENT BRAND CAREER

By helping YOU achieve your career goals, we are in turn increasing the volume and skill level of talent brand professionals in the industry - something we are deeply passionate about!

In addition to the personalized coaching services outlined below, we offer eProject Toolkits to help you get complete expert level projects at a price you can afford. These combine digitally based learning content and work templates with live review and feedback sessions.

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Talent Brand coaching program

I see you.

I see you overwhelmed in your new role (maybe it’s even the first of its kind at your company), but passionate about the opportunity to create impact.

I see you taking a leap of faith into this new industry, passionate about the authentic human values it represents.

I see you struggling with a new internal challenge, but passionate about it becoming a personal and professional growth opportunity for yourself.

I see you. And I’m here to support you.

The Talent Brand Coaching program is a 6-month engagement working directly with Truist’s founder and industry expert, Lisa Colella. It is designed to improve your mindset, knowledge and influence in a highly focused way, while making relevant connections that will fuel your ongoing career journey.

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Want feedback on a project? Vendor or technology recommendations? An overview of industry trends, advice on how to navigate a challenging internal situation, or a live strategy brainstorm? Book a one-off session with an expert who can help!
(Rate: $300/hour)