Always-On Employer Brand Management & Optimization

You've invested in your talent foundations. Now let us help you proactively generate long term value from that investment (while fending off probable risks to your workforce and employer reputation).  

What's in it for me?

Extreme confidence and a lighter load. As your expert partner, our team will proactively support you by figuring out how to mix together all the ingredients that are available to you in ways that create a unique recipe for success against your specific goals. Often we help leaders and practitioners achieve outcomes they didn't even know were possible, resulting in high personal and company level achievement.

How is this different from traditional agency retainers?

Think of this more like an Amazon Prime membership and less like one of those shackling agency contracts that are based on exclusivity and restriction. For a reasonable, flexible fee we add incredible value to whatever goals you are trying to achieve. We don't limit which topics you can use us for or expect you to stop working with other partners whom you like.

What are the risks if I say NO?

Much like you can't predict if or when your furnace is going to blow without a maintenance plan, we can't tell exactly what value you'll lose out on or what crisis situations will arise down the road if you opt out of Truist's optimization plan. What we can tell you is that your competitive advantage is likely to be limited at best, and more likely non-existent. After decades of experience we can confidently say that a proactive, planned approach eats a reactive one (left to chance) for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every time.
industry experts on-demand to learn, collaborate, and problem solve against your trickiest challenges.


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What's Included

More confidence, less anxiety knowing that industry experts are proactively looking out for your brand and helping you crush your goals.

RESEARCH: Annual Talent Brand Audit & Optimization Report (including employee, competitor & social insights).

On-demand expertise on any topic related to Employer Branding, Talent Experience or Recruitment Marketing.

STRATEGY: Total Talent Brand, Marketing & Experience Strategy (initial build or annual refresh)

Ongoing referrals to enabling technology partners, media teams and endorsed talent needed to transform your vision into value-generating results.

CREATIVECreative platform analysis and production of up to 3 "basic" marketing assets / templates + 3 employee blog articles.

20% off any other Truist projects or products while your membership is active.

COMING SOONMonthly Truist community collaboration & development calls. Stay on top of your game and engage with like minds.

Your wish [to excel] is our command!

Let your hard work keep paying dividends...

Why Engage an Optimization Partner?

On-Demand Confidence

Quick-turn advice, deliverables and expert resources at your fingertips to conquer priority challenges at any given time (without big contracts or lengthy procurement processes).

Learn While Performing

Don't spend hours or days researching articles, asking for freebie examples or launching novice experiments. We help you get credit for world-class solutions today while internalizing that knowledge for the future.


Flexible, no risk engagement model that gets experts supporting your goals without extensive contracts and unpredictable fees.

Ongoing Competitive Advantage

Most companies invest heavily in their EVP and related activities, then let it "die". You get to go on the offensive and reap the rewards of that choice in an intense market.

More Bandwidth

You'll have more time to spend on other business priorities and areas of personal strength instead of trying to keep up with an ever changing labor market as a full-time job.

Our own A+ team happy customers.

We are in the business of people & we walk our talk. Following our 4 Core Values has led to some impressive results. Don't just take our word for it…

“The Truist team is a breath of fresh air– they are a true extension of our team. They implemented a cutting edge solution for our specific company challenges that has given us a distinct competitive advantage.”



“The approach used by Truist was simple and strategic. They challenged us to think differently. And as a result, we challenged each other. We now have a clear and inspiring message & strategy to guide our employees as they bring our new brand to life.”



“We were able to develop a spot-on set of new Values for our fast growing organization with buy-in from the C-suite in less than 10 days thanks to the facilitated workshop series by Truist. I didn’t even know that was possible before I met the team!”



“Truist is a strong thought partner and expert at their craft who helped us advance our thinking and approach to our employer branding. Throughout the whole engagement we experienced highly professional, polished, quality content and guidance.”



“Working with Lisa and her team is an excellent investment in the future of your organization. They genuinely care about understanding your needs and seamlessly infuse best practices that reflect your company's purpose and culture.”



“Lisa and her team brought the credibility that we needed to reinforce the TA agenda in this hyper-competitive market. Specifically, they helped our leadership understand the urgency of the labor market and what needed to be done in order to compete and attract. This translated into high level support and funding-- allowing us to respond quickly and differentiate ourselves in the market.”



“Truist has helped our team create amazing results in a short period of time!”



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