Our mission
is to help purpose-driven companies thrive
thru their ability to attract, engage & retain
the BEST people, ultimately changing
the world for the better.

core beliefs

Our work stems from the belief that any brand is only as strong as the human workers behind it. As such, if the company can hire and create an environment in which the best talent can thrive (essentially become a genuinely "people-first" company), the business and its people will reach their full potential in both numbers and spirit.

Human-centered, Business-Driven.

The future of your company depends on how you manage 2 key assets: MONEY and PEOPLE. Truist helps you sustainably attract, engage and retain A+ people to maximize the monetary growth potential for your business.

We combine 20+ years of lived lesson and proven best practices in the disciplines of...

- Research & Insights
- Corporate Strategy
- HR Operations
- Corporate Brand & Marketing
- Design Thinking
- Creative Services

... to address your specific people-related challenges or opportunity areas, ultimately generating a more human-centric workplace and high value business results.

Win-WIn Work™ is the guiding principle behind all our solutions.

While the details of Truist's exact offerings may evolve over time, they will always be developed in alignment with Win-Win Work principles.

We developed the term "Win-Win Work" to describe the ideal dynamic in the employer:worker relationship. It is the state that is achieved when a company and its individual people are able to harmoniously experience their desires in both quality of relationship and quantitative performance outcomes.

For more information on how to to build a Win-Win Work environment and benefit from the results, check out
our blog post on this topic.

We are relentlessly driven by our 4 core values

We always execute on agreements and fully own what's on our plate so that you have less on yours.
We seek out and act on opportunities to be proactive, exceed expectations, and turn the seemingly impossible into an impactful reality.
We live by the same values we look for in our clients - empathy, respect and integrity at all times and for all humans we interact with.
We don't DO projects. We CREATE with passion for purpose-driven companies to enable meaningful change, even when it's the harder path.

Learn more about our services, past client work and how we can help you!

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“The Truist team is a breath of fresh air– they are a true extension of our own team. Rather than repurposing old “playbooks”, they create unique solutions for our specific company challenges to deliver a distinct competitive advantage.”